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Significance of food

Food is the basic element that when consumed gives the body the ability to move and be active. Different food have different important reasons why they are needed by the body. We also have carbohydrates which are used for the purposes of energy.

In this article we are going to discuss the various ways in which different foods are important for the body. Foods which are rich in proteins are generally important in ensuring that the human body undergoes growth and development and thus it is essential for consumption by every human being.

another way in which food is very important is that it ensures that one is able to work and performs his or her normal duties as a human being.

Carbohydrates are also important because they ensure that the human brain is well functioning and that it allows everyone to be able to concentrate when doing s things such as studying, making decisions and other things that requires the brain.

Other food that are very important for the body include oils butter, milk, lad cheese and meat which are rich in fats and oils and they serve as a secondary source of energy for the body.

There are foods such as coconuts and castor oils which are rich in MCT oils which means medium chain triglycerides that when consumed they are also very important in several ways one of which is prevention of heart problems such as heart attacks and strokes and also because they are used in the treatment of some brain problems and also when consumed they facilitate the health of the brain.

Vitamins are also very important for the body because they ensure good formation of bones and good bone structure of the body and it also facilitates the generation of body tissues in the body. Foods that are rich in iron are very important in the formation of blood and blood tissues.

Every human being generally requires a balanced diet in order to facilitate the general functioning on the body by eating foods that consist of a balanced diet.

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